The company ZETA ESSE TI S.r.l. is a part of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ Multinational Corporation, established in Germany in 1894 by Max Schwarz and Otto Zschimmer.
The italian productive seat, the research laboratories and the technical services are all located in Tricerro, near Vercelli, in Northern Italy.

ZETA ESSE TI produces and trades chemical accessories for textile industry.
With its technologically advanced plants it manages to space, from the production of synthetic fibres or the scouring of dirty wool, to the finish treatments for final products.

The production of ZETA ESSE TI is approximately 6000 tons in a year and it is structured with specific productive plants.

ZETA ESSE TI pays attention to the safety of work environment and to the handling of chemical substances.
Effective filters and depuration tanks permit to observe environment and standards in all phases.
When any raw material enters into the plant, it is straightaway subjected to laboratory analyses, such as all products, before being packed.

From many years ZETA ESSE TI is working hard in the research of new and sophisticated products; it is also developing new applications so it can help other textile companies, which have to face new and complicated requirements.

Many important textile companies are customers of ZETA ESSE TI, thanks to the staff’s competence and to the versatility of the productive structure.

So ZETA ESSE TI is the right partner for all textile companies, because it is able to face and solve any kind of problem.